carlos casas
carlos casas


Istanbul Chorus is a panoramic video installation that tries to capture the city of Istanbul from
various locations during its five praying times.
An ode to the landscape and its sounds.

Istanbul chorus is a continuos panorama, an amazing dystopian view of a city that grows and that holds an essential and everlasting energy that probably can be felt since the first settlement 3000 years ago, Istanbul chorus traces instants of the city, like that of a clock that never stops, the sound of the azan being heard since thousands of years simultaneously like a siren ghost that populates the city, that becomes an organism, for an instant, like a net that holds and ties everybody at once.

Single Channel installation with a film composed in 5 parts, image and sound capture in location in five different key positions in Istanbul, capturing the city during the 5 different prayer time schedules of the city, the film pretends to map the city through its geographical coordinates and time frame division.

Part of the Azan series.